Australian Rafting Federation

2019 IRF

About the event

Over 300 of the world’s best rafters travelled to the Cassowary Coast for a chance to become the ‘best of the best’.

Held over 8 days from 13- 20 May 2019, teams from 19 countries competed through a combination of disciplines that included sprints, head to head, slalom and downriver.

The event was held on the world-renowned Tully River, on a section of iconic Grade IV water spilling through the world heritage rainforest of Tropical North Queensland.

49 Teams
19 Countries

Official Teams

  • Armenia Open Men
  • Australia U19 Men
  • Australia U19 Women
  • Australian U23 Men
  • Australia Master Men
  • Australian Master Women
  • Australian Open Men
  • Australia Open Women
  • Brazil Open Men
  • Canada Open Men
  • China Open Men
  • Colombia Open Men
  • Costa Rica U19 Men
  • Costa Rica U23 Men
  • Costa Rica Master Men
  • Costa Rica Master Women
  • Costa Rica Open Men
  • Costa Rica Open Women
  • Czech Republic U19 Men
  • Czech Republic U23 Men
  • Czech Republic Master Men
  • Czech Republic Open Men
  • Czech Republic Open Women
  • Germany Open Men
  • Great Britain U23 Women
  • Great Britain Master Men
  • Great Britain Open Women
  • Indonesia U19 Men
  • Indonesia U23 Women
  • Indonesia Open Men
  • Japan U23 Men
  • Japan U23 Women
  • Japan Master Men
  • Japan Open Men
  • Japan Open Women
  • Mongolia Master Men
  • Nepal Open Men
  • New Zealand U23 Women
  • New Zealand U23 Men
  • New Zealand Open Men
  • New Zealand Open Women
  • Norway Open Men
  • Romania Open Men
  • Russia Master Men
  • Russia Open Men
  • Russia Open Women
  • USA Master Men
  • USA Open Men
  • USA Open Women

Welcome to the IRF 2019 World Rafting Championships.

Over 30 years of rafting history hit Australian soil in May 2019 where we saw who was ready to Tame and Treasure the Tully. The World Rafting Championships is a coming together of rafters from all over the world participating and competing in the toughest white water rapids.

Australia was excited to host such a thrilling world event and hopes it was a memorable one for everyone involved. The peak event is a true celebration of the sport with national federations coming from around the globe. The event featured international athletes competing in Open, Masters, U23 and U19 divisions through a combination of river rapids in teams of 6 (R6). The disciplines raced in this iconic region were Sprints, Head-to-Head (H2H), Slalom and Downriver.

Key information and documentation from the event can be found on this and supporting pages.